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With dozens of candidates vying for each opportunity, you need a resume that will get you noticed. One that stand out from every other marketing director or sales manager or healthcare professional who is applying for the same job.

Having a professionally written, achievement-based resume can mean the difference between getting an interview and ending up in the circular file.

Individual Writing Services**

In-Depth Resume Review – One-on-One with Annette

During your in-depth resume review, you and Annette will spend 1 hour together reviewing your resume and LinkedIn profile. she will set up a screen-sharing session where you will be able to see her screen as you go through your resume and, if there’s time, your LinkedIn profile. Learn More

Branded Resumes
Resumes are designed for those individuals who need to differentiate themselves and emphasize their value proposition. Care is taken to highlight core strengths, key contributions, and personal branding which demonstrate worth to potential employers. Learn More

Cover Letters
A professionally written cover letter is designed to provide a credible, understandable and reasonable pitch for why you are the solution to the employer’s staffing problem. It compliments the resume and offers insights into your unique talents. Learn More

Federal Resume
Federal resumes require a particular knowledge and expertise that are outside of Annette’s wheelhouse. However, if you’re targeting a government position in the United States or Canada, Annette has a circle of trusted colleagues and will be happy to connect you with someone who specializes in that area.

**All writing services include an initial telephone consultation, up to two rounds of edits after the initial draft, and a final document delivered in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.

Please note: While most projects are completed with consultations via phone and email, private, in-person meetings are available at One Norwalk West, 40 Richards Avenue, Norwalk, CT.