2 Phrases That Will Sabotage Your Resume

34427005_sGenerally, there are two things that mark a not so great resume. Poor content and lack of style. While an eye-catching resume can help you stand out from the crowd, without compelling content it’s unlikely that anyone will be inspired to contact you.

The hallmark of most poorly written resumes are the phrases “responsible for” and “duties included.”

People mistakenly believe that saying that they are responsible for managing a team or running a department or overseeing a large sales territory will impress the reader.

Not so.

Being responsible for something doesn’t show impact.

For example, if you’re a VP of Sales you may be responsible for opening new markets. But, what does that actually mean?

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4 Things You Must Include On Your Executive Resume

8740837_s (1)In many respects your resume is your calling card. While having supplements like an Infographic resume and online portfolio, a resume is often what gets you in the door. To help make that happen make sure that it’s searchable and doesn’t raise any red flags.

There are a lot of candidates competing for each role. Getting a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s attention isn’t easy. When you do you don’t want to blow your chances.

While on a resume content is king, there are many other things to consider as well. Here are four things you should include on your resume.

Skills Summary

Today keywords are essential. Having a keyword-rich resume will help your resume pass the ATS evaluation. It will help you engage a recruiter as he or she quickly scans your resume as well.

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