How To Show Momentum On Your Executive Resume

Unfortunately, most resumes, including executive resumes, show change not momentum. Many of the resumes I see indicate that the client has moved from one position to another, but doesn’t emphasize the underlying factors.

One of the reasons employers prefer reverse-chronological resumes is because they show a candidate’s career progression. But, when you want to convey value it’s not enough to just indicate that you moved from one position to another. Even if that move has been to a higher position.

Some people are moved up the ladder because they’ve been with a company the requisite time. Others are promoted because of their achievements.

When you’re putting together your resume think about that.

Let’s say you were recruited by your current employer right out of college. Over the last 10 years you’ve changed positions 3 times. Maybe each time you were even promoted.

That’s great.

But, depending on your particular situation, it might be even better.

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4 Ways To Heat Up Your Job Search This Summer

casual skirtsAfter a tough winter, summer is finally here. Vacationers back up traffic for miles and sometimes there’s even a line at the beach. Time to sit back, enjoy the warm weather, and chill.

Not so fast.

Tempting as it may be, if you’re looking for a new job, this is not the time to slack off.

Even a decade ago, most people thought summer was not a good time to look for a job. In some respects, they were right. But, things are much different today. While recruiters and hiring managers may be taking long weekends, even week-long vacations, in our 24/7 world of work no one is ever really out of the office.

That means it’s not the time to kick back and wait for September. Here are four ways to keep your job search moving this summer.

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Do You Have A “Tombstone” Resume?

The best resumes, the ones that will get a hiring manager’s attention, are marketing documents. They are designed to sell you (the product) to a potential employer (the buyer).

They are not laundry lists of responsibilities. They are not boring employment histories. They don’t include every job you’ve ever had or every single thing you’ve done during your career.

That style of resume is sometimes called a “Tombstone” resume because it is directed towards the past, not the future.

Your future.

When you’re putting together your resume keep these 5 things in mind.

1) Your resume is a marketing tool. It’s not an employment history or a job application. While you should never lie or grossly exaggerate, you should frame the content in a way that sells you to a potential employer. Here’s why lies matter.

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Employment History vs. Modern Resume

If you want to get an employer’s attention, don’t send them an employment history. Send them a results-driven, easy-to-scan resume.

While many people think they are one and the same.

They’re not.

The reaction they get from employers isn’t the same either.

Here are a few reasons why.

Old-School Resume (Employment History)

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2017 Kickoff – Time To Get Going On Your Job Search

For better or worse, 2016 is over. Time to make 2017 a great year. If one of the ingredients of your great year is a new job, it’s time to get going.

Even if you’re not actively looking, you should make many of these activities part of your life. You should always have your resume ready to go and an ongoing practice of networking.

If you are actively looking, get started on this list today.

Get Ready

First, make sure you resume is recruiter ready. Your resume is your calling card so make sure that it is a marketing document, which clearly demonstrates your value, not a boring employment history. Your resume should convey how you can solve a potential employer’s problems and be presented in an modern format.

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Don’t Get Caught Off Guard Without A Resume

job-lossToday every job is temporary. When our parents, or grandparents, were in the workforce it wasn’t uncommon to have a job for 20 years. That’s not true today.

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who’s never been laid off or fired that doesn’t necessarily mean job security is a sure thing.

We’ve had a local cable news program covering Fairfield County CT for over 30 years. Last year, a European telecommunications company bought our local cable company. Last month, they announced that they are closing the production studio to New Jersey.

So the “as local as local news gets” station is going to be coming from a production studio 2 states away.

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2016 Job Search Kickoff

38162388_sThere are a lot of things you should do before you begin a job search. Redo your resume. Work on your LinkedIn profile. Create a list of target employers. Research yourself online.

They are all important.

But, before you do anything, you need to decide what you want to do.

This is critical for several reasons.

First, your resume should be targeted towards a particular job. Why?  Because it’s just as important to know what to leave out as it is to know what to include on your resume.

Let’s say you want to work in marketing, but your last few jobs haven’t had “marketing” in the title. It’s important to focus on the things you did that were “marketing” related. For example, maybe you worked on the company newsletter or were involved in community outreach. Many of the skills you used, like writing, giving presentations, and developing an outreach plan, might help you secure a marketing position.

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4 Things You Must Include On Your Executive Resume

8740837_s (1)In many respects your resume is your calling card. While having supplements like an Infographic resume and online portfolio, a resume is often what gets you in the door. To help make that happen make sure that it’s searchable and doesn’t raise any red flags.

There are a lot of candidates competing for each role. Getting a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s attention isn’t easy. When you do you don’t want to blow your chances.

While on a resume content is king, there are many other things to consider as well. Here are four things you should include on your resume.

Skills Summary

Today keywords are essential. Having a keyword-rich resume will help your resume pass the ATS evaluation. It will help you engage a recruiter as he or she quickly scans your resume as well.

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