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Annette Richmond, a former journalist, former recruiter, and founder/editor of career intelligence The Savvy Careerist’s Career Resource has been featured in 50+ major media outlets including:

Monster, Vault, Business Insider, Forbes, The Glass Hammer, Job Hero, Social Hire, The Huffington Post, The Chicago Tribune, TalentCulture,  Every Woman, Work it Daily, D!gitalist Magazine, Washington Post, The Detroit News, SELF magazine, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Florida Today, and The Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal.

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Six Tips To Help Increase Your Engagement On LinkedIn, Find A Job And Advance Your Career
Forbes (September 2021)

16 Of The Best Reasons To Pursue A Professional Apprenticeship 
Forbes (September 2021)

How To Make Sure Your Resume Is ATS Friendly
Thrive Global (September 2021)

13 Strategies New Entrepreneurs Can Use To Build Reliable Sources Of Recurring Revenue
Forbes (August 2021)

Want To Get Promoted? Up Your Game. 
Thrive Global (March 2021)

How To Create A Career Path (And Why You Should)
Thrive Global (February 2021)

What A Personal Brand Is (And Why You Need One)
Forbes (February 2021)

How To Get Hired In A Highly Competitive Job Market
Forbes (December 2020)

How Can Social Media Help (Or Hurt) My Job Search
National Resume Writers’ Association (November 2020)

10 Questions with Annette Richmond
Resume Writer’s Digest (October 2020)

Want To Make Valuable Connections? 14 Common Virtual Networking Mistakes To Avoid
Forbes (July 2020)

Five Resume Elements That Should Be Forgotten
Forbes (July 2020)

How To Look For A Job During The Coronavirus Health Emergency
Thrive Global (March 2020)

How do I work with recruiters in my job search?
NRWA Ask the Experts (March 2020)

How do I write my LinkedIn profile for multiple career directions
NRWA Ask the Experts (February 2020)

Want A New Job? You Need To Do The Work
Thrive Global (February 2020)

How To Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader
Medium (February 2020)

Try These Creative Food Swaps to Help You Make Healthier Choices
Thrive Global (January 2020)

Small Ways to Recharge When You Feel Drained
Thrive Global (January 2020)

How To Get A Response To Your Emails
Medium (January 2020)

13 Not So Obvious Items Every Professional Should Have At Networking Events
Forbes (December 2019)

Getting Over A Toxic Boss: 12 Techniques Every Working Professional Should Know
Forbes (December 2019)

I realize it’s important to network on LinkedIn, but I’m not sure where to start. How do I go about making new connections on LinkedIn?
NRWA (October 2019)

Time With Girlfriends Is A Girl’s Best Friend
Thrive Global (March 2019)

Resumes For Dummies (8th Edition)
Contributor (March 2019)

Don’t Say You’re Fine When You’re F.I.N.E
Thrive Global (March 2019)

How Not To Look Old When You’re Looking For A Job
Medium (January 2019)

How To Get Moving In 2019
Thrive Global (January 2019)

How To Turn A Probably No Into A Yes
Medium (September 2018)

What Recruiters Can (And Cannot) Do For You
Medium (March 2018)

5 Point Executive Resume Checklist
Huffington Post (August 2017)

6 Spots Recruiter View First When Scanning Your Resume
Huffington Post (October 2016)

Got Your Sights Set On A Promotion? Don’t Assume They Know How Good You Are
The Glass Hammer (September 2016)

3 Huge Job Search Mistakes (And How To Fix Them
Social Hire

3 mistakes you’re making on LinkedIn (and how to fix them)
Chicago Tribune (July 2016)

The Biggest Mistake Smart People Make On Their Resumes
Huffington Post (July 2016)

Resumes For Dummies (7th Edition)
Contributor (August 2015)

How to Ace A Phone Interview
Job Hero (May 2016)

Should Desk Chairs Go The Way Of The Smoking Lounge?
TalentCulture (July 2014)

Should You (Ever) Go Over Your Boss’s Head?
Forbes (March 2014)

5 Things HR Wishes All Job Applicants Knew
Monster (July 2014)

3 Things You Should Always Do Before You Quit Your Job
Business Insider (July 2014)

Six Reasons Why Recruiters Don’t Call You
Forbes (February 2014)

Don’t Let Social Media Derail Your Career – – Use It To Attract Potential Employers
Forbes (November 2013)

Why You Didn’t Get The Job – – It’s Not Just About You
Forbes (July 2013)

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