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Annette is an engaging, enthusiastic speaker who wins audiences with her easy style and real-world advice. She specializes in career and job-search topics with a focus on crafting a winning resume, navigating the job interview, and effective networking.

Nationally recognized as an industry leader, Annette has been featured in numerous media outlets including:  Monster, Vault, Business Insider, Forbes, The Glass Hammer, Job Hero, The Huffington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Every Woman, Work it Daily, D!gitalist Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

Annette’s trademark is giving no-fluff, instructional presentations which provide valuable information that attendees can actually use in their own lives. In addition to prepared presentations,  she is often asked to participate on career-related panels.

Her presentations have been well received by a variety of audiences including:

  • Fairfield University Alumni
  • Fairfield Network of Executive Women
  • Sacred Heart University Alumni
  • New Canaan CaTs Networking Group
  • Fairfield University College2Corporate
  • Mondays@7 Networking Group
  • Westport Library, Jobseeker Group
  • Hearst Media/  Job Fairs
  • Platform to Employment, The Workplace
  • Dress for Success Women’s Group
  • Fairfield Public Library, Job Series Program
  • Trinity Career Networking Group
  • Center for Healing & Recovery

Annette was invited to speak to participants of Platform to Employment, The WorkPlace developed program for the long-term unemployed which was featured on 60 Minutes.

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Annette is a skilled presenter and is one of our “go to” experts on resume writing for Fairfield University Alumni Career Services. She has presented webinars on “Resumes that Rock” and “How to Turn Your Outdated Resume into a Modern Marketing Tool” to large alumni audiences always with terrific feedback. I am also a big fan of her website as it has been a valuable resource for Fairfield alumni over the past several years. Annette is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her services. We are lucky to have her as a resource! – Julie Tuozzoli, Manager Employer Relations and Alumni Career Services, Fairfield University.

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Popular topics include:

Career Marketing 101: Turn Your Outdated Resume Into A Modern Marketing Tool

Every day, employers receive so many resumes that they look for reasons to eliminate candidates, not reasons to move them forward. If your resume doesn’t demonstrate value it’s unlikely you’ll be contacted for an interview.

The key to attracting potential employers is to focus on your accomplishments which means ditching those bullets which begin: “Responsible for” and “Duties included.” This presentation provides actionable steps jobseekers can use to improve their resumes.

Key takeaways:

  • Being able to develop a unique branding statement
  • Creating a skills summary
  • Crafting accomplishments-based contributions
  • Highlighting transferable skills

Resumes That Rock! Beat The Competition With Your Resume—Even If You’re Not A Professional Resume Writer

A bit more advanced than Resumes 101, this presentation focuses on three areas: removing missteps; adding great content; and infusing your document with style.

The key to attracting recruiters and hiring managers is to convey value, immediately. This means removing hindrances, focusing on achievements and skills, and delivering your document in an attention-getting package.

Key takeaways:

  • What you need to leave off your resume, and why
  • Techniques for developing a professional brand
  • Using the CAR approach to unearth your achievements
  • Adding style with color and formatting, no matter what your industry

Get Found. Get Hired. How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job

Over the last few decades the job search process has changed. 20 years ago, we turned to the yellow pages to find a business. Now we turn to search engines like Google.

Think about it, when you’re looking for a product, how many search pages do you review? 2? 3? 5? If the best plumber or phone provider or Italian restaurant comes up on page 6 you will never see it.

the key to success on LinkedIn is to think of the platform as a giant search engine for people. The farther down you are in the search, the less likely that you’ll be found.

During Get Found. Get Hired. How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job you’ll learn how to come up higher in a recruiter’s search.

Key takeaways:

  • Why your LinkedIn profile should be different than your resume
  • How to pick the right LinkedIn photo, and why you need one
  • Writing a Headline that will get you noticed
  • Crafting a Summary that tells your story, and sells you to employers
  • How to write to the reader, letting them get to know you
  • Utilizing keywords to optimize your profile

Interview Boot Camp

A job interview is one of the key parts of the hiring process. Being able to answer an interviewer’s tough questions takes planning, preparation and skill. That means practicing common interview questions and building a rapport with the hiring manager. This popular presentation gets candidates ready to shine at their next job interview.

Key takeaways:

  • Being able to answer tough interview questions
  • Knowing how to research the employer
  • Improved communication skills
  • Avoiding potential minefields

Connect With Confidence: Navigating Networking Events

The best way to find a new job or build your business is by networking. However, many people would rather go to the dentist than attend a networking event. Particularly if they are going alone. Walking into a room full of strangers can be overwhelming to say the least. This presentation teaches participants a few easy techniques to help them become more effective at networking events.

Key takeaways:

  • Feeling more comfortable at events
  • Understanding body language
  • Becoming more memorable
  • Easily approaching strangers