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Selected testimonials from some of the people who have worked with Annette Richmond and career-intelligence Resume Writing & Career Services. (Names are not provided to preserve our clients’ confidentiality.)

Satisfied Clients

I have meant to reach out for a while to say I was offered and accepted a role with XXX in their Advisory team, 40% pay increase. Thank you so much for all your help. — E.F., Finacial Services

I LOVE IT! — D.T., Accounting

Working with you and working through the documents has been a very valuable experience on both a personal and professional level.  It really forced me out of my comfort zone to think through all I’ve accomplished over the course of my career.  I appreciate your insight and ability to draw that out of me.   — K.C., Operations

The resume looks good, I had a request for an interview at the conference today. — R.A., Senior Accountant

I sent the new resume to two companies for jobs posted, and received phone interviews from both. — L.R., Project Manager

My resume really does look great and I think hits the mark on all the salient points.  I appreciate the time and effort you put into this. — G.G.,  Business Development

Thanks for your help! My resume flows really well and is much more descriptive than anything I’ve been able to do myself. — M.R.,  Digital Marketing

Webinar Participants

Thank you again for the informative webinar. I have a list of “to-do’s” that will spruce up my resume. — CC

Thank you. I found your webinar, very insightful. — RJ, Human Resources

I have just listened to your webinar, took notes, and have a renewed vision of how to rework my resume. Many thanks! — JC, Social Services

Speaking Engagements

Annette’s advcie and stories on resume writing resonated with our library patrons and enabled them to have a new perspective, purpose, and positive outlook. — Margie Freilich-Den, Business Librarian at Westport Library

Thank you again for conducting your CaTs workshop last night! It was a succinct, to the point Interview Boot Camp that contained a lot of great nuggets. — Jim Riehl, CaTs, New Canann, CT

You were a wonderful, natural and dynamic presenter and made a valuable contribution to our Brown Bag Luncheon Training Series for Professionals. I appreciated your easy style, as well as your professionalism, as did the other people at the workshop. Thank you again for your time, and I look forward to combined endeavors in the future!  — Tammy Nelson, Director, Center for Healing & Recovery, Norwalk, CT