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Selected testimonials from some of the people who have worked with Annette Richmond and career-intelligence Resume Writing & Career Services.**

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of the Annette Richmond. 

In the past, I have used services similar to what Annette does and was never satisfied with their performance. Going forward I will only use and suggest Annette to others. She went out of her way to understand and articulate my accomplishments.  Her services were reasonably priced, she met all deadlines and gave great advice along the way. 

I’m happy to recommend the services of Annette. —Mark Marmo, CEO

Annette has been an enthusiastic volunteer and mentor to members of the Women’s Business Development Community. She conducted an extremely helpful and informative class on optimizing Linked In profiles which provided invaluable tips and perspectives. She has also provided one-on-one counseling to aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in using Linked In to build their businesses.

I wholeheartedly recommend Annette and look forward to working with her in the future. —Carol A. Cheswick, The Women’s Business Development Council

I have been following Annette for over a year now. Her industry knowledge is incredibly broad and her quick tips and longer articles on such topics as effective resumes, how avoid mistakes on LinkedIn and how to secure a promotion have given me food for thought on many an occasion. Annette, thanks for sharing your knowledge – I really appreciate it! —Liz O’Sullivan, IT Auditor/Security Consultant

I have had the pleasure knowing Annette for the last couple years and have really admired her and her work. She is a very dedicated individual and extraordinary woman. Annette has recently spoke at our Fairfield Network of Executive Women group, and the feedback was wonderful. She was very thorough with her topics, patient and answered all questions in a detailed manner. She captured the attention and respect of all the women who attended. Annette would be a great individual for anyone to work with. —Sharon Arena, Creative Director

Annette was a wonderful, natural and dynamic presenter and made a valuable contribution to our Brown Bag Luncheon Training Series for Professionals. I appreciated her easy style, as well as her professionalism, as did the other people at the workshop. Thank you again for your time, and I look forward to combined endeavors in the future! — Tammy Nelson, Director, Center for Healing & Recovery, Norwalk, CT

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