Product Recommendations

I began buying equipment when I launched my Smarter Career Moves podcast in May 2020. My first purchase, at a fellow podcaster’s recommendation, was a relatively inexpensiveย  Blue Snowball microphone.ย  It was a big improvement over the microphone on my computer.

When I started my LinkedIn Live show about a year later, I upgraded my Logitech camera. That made a big difference too.

This year, I took advantage of Amazon Prime Day to purchase a Blue Yeti, which I love, and the Rode SmartLave+ (you’ll need the connector here to use it with more recent iPhones).

Since I have begun teaching others to create videos, including LinkedIn Profile Videos, I wanted to share the equipment that I use myself.

๐ŸŽฌ I record, edit, and caption most of my videos on my iPhone using Apple Clips (a free app available on iPhone). I sometimes use CapCut or TikTok (also free apps, owned by the same parent company), which are available for iPhone and Android. InShot is great for those who are camera shy (also available on iPhone and Android).

Most of my training / educational videos are recorded and edited on my desktop using Camtasia which has a yearly subscription. I use Happy Scribe, a pay-as-you-go platform to caption those videos.

๐ŸŒŸ Full Disclosure: These are affiliate links, so I will make a small commission if you purchase any of these items. You can purchase them directly from Amazon if you prefer.


Camera Equipment


Other Equipment

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