How To Connect With Your Target Employers


Interview_Bootcamp_2A slew of questions came in after a recent presentation on resume writing. Most of them were specifically related to the participant’s job search. But one stood out for its relevance to everyone who’s looking for a new opportunity.

The question was, “How do I get in front of the employer?”

Of course, the short answer is network your way in. But how?

Here are a few ways to connect with people at your target employer.


Today many companies have corporate Facebook pages. This is a place where you may be able to find job postings and maybe even connect with recruiters. Some companies have pages specifically to reach out to potential candidates. A review of Citibank’s Citi Jobs page found several positons and information about their presence at a career fair.


Start by “following” your target companies on LinkedIn. Many companies post a mix of information. Most of them post jobs on their LinkedIn company page. A look at DIAGIO’s  corporate LinkedIn showed several fun posts and a link to apply for their Global Graduate Program.

Don’t forget about your connections. See if you are already connected to someone who’s connected to the company. To find new connections search LinkedIn for alumni from your university. Often other alumni are willing to connect to you because you went to the same school.


Don’t dismiss the value of Twitter. A lot of recruiters, including corporate recruiters, hang out there. Find your target company on Twitter and follow its handle or handles. Many company recruiters have handles like @recruitercompany. It’s easy to tell if the posts from these handles are done automatically or by a real person. If there’s a person there, you can easily engage with them.

Friends & Family

Who has more invested in helping you than your friends and family? Want to work at a particular company, ask them if they know anyone at your target company. Your cousin’s new boyfriend may work at your target employer. He may even know the hiring manager for your “dream” job.

Being referred by a valued staff member can increase your chances of getting hired substantially. Having your resume, or even your name, passed on to someone working at your target employer can make a difference too. While you may still have to submit an online application, having someone on the inside helping to push you forward can make all the difference.

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