Clothes To Keep Your Job Search Under The Radar

9283680_sWhile being employed makes you more appealing to employers, looking for a job while you’re already working has its own set of challenges. Finding a way to take calls from recruiters and interview, and still keep your job search under the radar.

While sneaking out of the office for interviews can be tricky, other things, like being dressed appropriately for a job interview, just need a little planning.

If you work in a casual office wearing an “interview outfit” will likely be a red flag to your current employer. Just as someone coming into a casual environment for a job interview is easily spotted by everyone else working there.

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3 Ways To Keep Your Job Search A Secret

32886774_sOne of the good things about being unemployed is that you have plenty of time to look for a job. One of the bad things is that being unemployed makes you less attractive to some employers. While it may not be fair, many employers prefer to hire candidates who are already employed.

But looking for a job while working full-time has its own set of obstacles. Because looking for a new opportunity is a job in itself, one challenge is finding enough time. But, perhaps the biggest problem is making sure your boss doesn’t find out. But there are ways to keep your job search a secret.

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