The Biggest Holiday Job Search Myth

Despite our 24/7 business culture, most job seekers think you can’t find a job during the holiday season. Even looking for work from Thanksgiving to January 1st is widely considered a waste of time.

This is the biggest holiday job search myth.


I say that from personal experience.

Years ago, when I was working in corporate, my phone rang just as I arrived home from our company’s holiday party. I was shocked to find that it was someone from HR calling to conduct a screening interview.

The conversation went well and a few days later someone else called to set up a face-to-face interview with the hiring manager. The interview was scheduled during the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

I got the job and started the beginning of January.

Before we were connected 24/7, the holiday season was not a great time to look for a new job. But, times have changed.

Here are 4 reasons the holiday season is a great time to look for a job.

More Relaxed Networking

During the holidays, formal networking events are less formal. Most organizations forgo the dinner and a speaker format for a more relaxed arrangement. Generally, “holiday” events revolve around cocktails and appetizers giving you a better chance to mix and mingle. If you haven’t been to an industry event this year, this is a great time to start.

Hidden Networking Opportunities

Your company’s “holiday” party gives you the unique opportunity to chat with your boss, and even your bosses’ boss, in a less formal setting. It also provides the chance to get to know colleagues in other departments who you have only corresponded with via email. Your partner’s office party is an even better place to make connections as you’ll be surrounded by folks you don’t already know.

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Less Competition

Since many people think looking for work right now is a waste of time, you have less competition. But recruiters and hiring managers are still searching for candidates. Even if they are taking days off, or even a vacation, in today’s 24/7 world of work people are rarely disconnected from the office. Not even during the holidays.

Nothing is a Sure Thing

Even though the interviews went well, and the employer has told you they’re just waiting until after the holidays to move forward don’t stop looking. Never think you have the job until you have a written, job offer, in, your, hand.

Things happen.  You may be the one in the top two who doesn’t get the job. The position may be reevaluated and tabled in January.

While recruiting, one of my candidates was asked to travel to the company headquarters for a final meeting. It was just a formality. She was excited. So was I. Just as they were making travel arrangements, the company decided to pull the job.

During the holidays, monitor your target employers for new job listings. Keep those employers in mind when you’re out at industry events and holiday parties. You never know who you’ll meet that can help you network into one of your target companies.

Despite all the temptations to relax and enjoy the season, it’s a bad idea to put your job search on hold. Keep a few business cards tucked in your wallet in case you run into an old friend while out holiday shopping.

Enjoy your neighbor’s holiday party. Spend time with your family and friends. Just remember a savvy job seeker doesn’t take off too much time. The fact that most people believe the myth that you can’t find a job during the holiday season tips the scale for people like you who don’t.