Is A Day At The Beach Worth Falling Behind In Your Job Search?

This weekend marks the unofficial end to summer. Despite the endless rain and 90-degree days, I’m sorry to see it go. I’m guessing you are too.

I plan to enjoy summer’s last, long holiday weekend. You should too.

But, if you’re looking for a new job, squeeze in a little work as well.

Here are 5 easy things you can do that will help you get a jump on your fall job search. Do 1 or do them all. They are in no particular order.

#1 Target Employers

Create a list of 10 target employers. Places where you’ve always wanted to work. Maybe they’re your company’s competitor or what they do inspire you or they exude the culture you seek.  Set up Google alerts on them. Schedule a time each week to visit their websites for career and business information.

#2 Create Friends / Colleagues List

Develop a list of 20 people you know, and maybe more importantly know you, that would be happy to help in your career pursuits. Notice the key her is they must know you.

#3 Aspirational Contact List

This is a list of 5 people you’d like to know. Maybe it’s the CMO at one of your target employers. Then find 2 people who may be able to help you with an introduction.

#4 Networking Events

Most industry organizations go on hiatus over the summer. They will be back in full swing in September. Choose at least 1 live event that you will attend each month until the end of the year. When you get there have a few meaningful conversations rather than run around passing out your business cards.

#5 Industry Associations

This kind of goes with #4. Select a few industry associations to join. Many have local chapters with monthly events which are a great place to make connections. Being involved with your industry is also important when you’re looking for a new job. Shouldn’t someone passionate about marketing belong to the American Marketing Association (AMA)  and Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG)?

None of these suggestions should take more than an hour, or so, in our computer age. Complete at least 1, if you’re ambitious do all 5. Isn’t it worth an hour of your time to help move your job search forward?

P.S. Remember don’t rely on job boards. They should be only part of your job search strategy.