Ignore These 5 Interview Don’ts At Your Peril

It takes a lot of work to secure a job interview. Creating a list of target employers. Preparing a results-driven resume or having one written for you. Spending hours networking online and in person.  The list goes on.

When you do get that coveted interview with your target employer be sure to make a good first impression. There are many articles on what to do, here are a few interview don’ts.

Don’t dodge the salary question. Most likely your first interview with a recruiter will include the dreaded “salary” question. While this is a bit uncomfortable on both sides, recruiters need to ask. They need to see if you are in the hiring managers salary range. You can make the process less anxiety provoking by planning in advance.

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10 Interview Mistakes That Can Cost You The Job

14314079_sCandidates are, understandably, disappointed when they’re not called back after a job interview. Even if the job wasn’t so great or the boss seemed a bit of a micromanager, they still want to get that second or third interview.

A common candidate complaint is that they don’t get any feedback.

Recruiters are sometimes not forthcoming and HR can be cagy when it comes to telling people why they didn’t get the job.

This happens for a lot of reasons. Sometimes recruiters don’t get anything more than the candidate wasn’t a “good fit.” HR may not provide feedback because of legal concerns. Besides that, everyone is busy.

That’s one of the reason’s CareerBuilder surveys are so valuable. They provide feedback straight from the employer’s mouth.

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