Fastest (And Easiest) Way To Boost Your Confidence

SuperheroOne thing that can change your career, even your life is to always be open to new ideas. But, that’s not exactly what this post is about. If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan you already know this secret, if you’re not here goes.

A couple of years ago, I was watching Grey’s Anatomy, the episode was the climax of a protracted storyline about a gifted surgeon with a massive brain tumor. Despite many other surgeons saying the tumor was inoperable, chief neurosurgeon Amelia Shepard, not to be confused with her brother McDreamy, has determined that she can take on the job.

Right before the surgery, Shepard’s intern finds her standing in the Superhero pose. Head high. Chest out. Hands at her waist. Just like Superman. Amelia explains that standing like that gives her confidence and the scene ends with the two of them standing side-by-side looking like they can take on the world.

Well, that’s fine for TV but does it work in the real world?

The answer is yes.

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How To Turn A Probable No Into A Yes

Successful business people know it’s important to know your audience.

That’s why career professionals advise their clients to research the company and those who you’ll be meeting before every job interview.

As a former recruiter, I know that most people don’t bother.

Questions about what candidates know about the company were often met with vague generalities or an outright “nothing really.”

The truth is knowing your audience can make the difference between a probable no and a resounding yet.

My favorite example is from the movie Hidden Figures about 3 African-American women who served vital roles NASA during the early years of the space program.

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Are You Missing What’s Right In Front Of You?

If you’re feeling stuck in your job search, it might be time to take a fresh look. This may mean changing your perspective, stepping in a little closer or taking a step back. It may mean considering the idea of doing things a different way.

I read a lot of books. Not a lot of fiction. Primarily books that will help me improve my services or help me improve myself. Right now, I’m reading a book on mindfulness by Joseph Goldstein cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society.

In the beginning of chapter six, I came across a passage that particularly caught my attention. It immediately resonated with me and I thought it would do the same for people who are frustrated in their job-search efforts.

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The Power Of Doing One New Thing

fear flying

Do one thing every day that scares you. — Eleanor Roosevelt

We all have our comfort zones. Places where we feel comfy and safe. And we don’t like to step out.

But, the only way to make those scary things less scary is to step up and do the things we’re afraid of.

I speak from experience.

Although most people wouldn’t know it, I’m an introvert. I used to be one of those who stood alone at networking events too shy to introduce myself. After years of being out there chatting with strangers is pretty easy.

I’m also not one to brag about myself which sometimes hampers me in business. It’s something I work on daily

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Don’t Judge People By Their Covers

40824015_sIf you’re looking for a new job, you’ll be meeting a lot of new people. You’ll interact with potential bosses, colleagues, and maybe, depending on your level, a staff. Some of them you’ll hit it off with, others not so much.

One thing you need to do with all of them is avoid making assumptions.

It’s easy to make assumptions about the people you meet based on nothing more than gender, race, age, etc. Often it happens on unconscious level.

Like when you steer clear of the female sales associate at the Apple store because a) she’s a woman and b) she looks over 50. I’ve been guilty of that. Or you may dismiss the new admin’s ideas because he’s the same age as your son or maybe your nephew.

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