How To Avoid A Typical (Boring) Conversation

You’ve probably heard that networking is the best way to find a job. One reason is that people like to hire people they know, which expands to someone referred by someone they know.

Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable starting a conversation with a stranger. That makes it difficult to meet people at a networking event.


Unless you’re one of the first to arrive, many networking events are bustling from the moment you walk in the door. There are several groups chatting. Even worse are parties of two who seem in deep conversation.

One way to engage with a group is to stand close by and wait for an opportunity to join. Great connectors are always looking for people lurking and will invite them in to the conversation.

A more direct approach is to simply ask “Can I join you?”

I’ve never had anyone or any group say no.

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5 Ways To Tap Into The Hidden Job Market

You’ve probably heard that many jobs aren’t advertised. That’s true. And even when jobs are advertised, candidates who come in as a referral have a better chance of landing the job. As the adage goes: People like to hire people they know and like.

So the best way to find a new opportunity is to have a strong, robust network. People who can help get your resume in front of your target employers. People who will think of you when the type of position you’re looking for opens.

Here are 6 ways to tap into that hidden job market.

#1 Target Employers

Yes, applying to jobs online should be 1 part of your job search. However, sitting at the computer all day responding to online jobs is not the most effective way to conduct a job search. Before you begin your job search, create a list of 10 to 15 target employers.

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4 Ways To Kick Up Your Job Search This Summer

casual skirtsAfter a tough winter, summer is finally here. Vacationers back up traffic for miles and sometimes there’s even a line at the beach. Time to sit back, enjoy the warm weather, and chill.

Not so fast.

Tempting as it may be, if you’re looking for a new job, this is not the time to slack off.

A decade ago, most people thought summer was not a good time to look for a job. In some respects, they were right. But, things are much different today. While recruiters and hiring managers may be taking long weekends, even week-long vacations, in our 24/7 world of work no one is ever really out of the office.

That means it’s not the time to kick back and wait for September. Here are four ways to keep your job search moving this summer.

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4 Reasons The Holidays Are Great For Job Seekers

holiday season 1Despite colder temperatures, many job seekers regard the holiday season the same way they do the summer. They see it as another opportunity to take a break from job hunting. A time to sit back and enjoy the festivities.

As with relaxing in the summer, this is a big mistake.

As tempting as it may be, if you’re looking for a new job, this is not the time to slack off.

If anything, this is the time to ramp up your job search.

One of the best things about looking for a new opportunity during the holiday season is that most of your competition is on hiatus. They mistakenly think that no one finds a job during the holidays. For this reason they scale back their efforts.

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Don’t Judge People By Their Covers

40824015_sIf you’re looking for a new job, you’ll be meeting a lot of new people. You’ll interact with potential bosses, colleagues, and maybe, depending on your level, a staff. Some of them you’ll hit it off with, others not so much.

One thing you need to do with all of them is avoid making assumptions.

It’s easy to make assumptions about the people you meet based on nothing more than gender, race, age, etc. Often it happens on unconscious level.

Like when you steer clear of the female sales associate at the Apple store because a) she’s a woman and b) she looks over 50. I’ve been guilty of that. Or you may dismiss the new admin’s ideas because he’s the same age as your son or maybe your nephew.

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10 Questions To Ask During An Informational Interview

long to find jobLots of jobs sound great. You may think you know what a position entails by reading a job description on sites like the Occupational Outlook Handbook or advertisements for open positions on job boards or company sites.

Truth is, you probably don’t.

For years I wanted to be a writer. I went to school nights and worked days pursuing my dream. When I graduated I found a job as an assistant editor of a national four-color trade magazine. I was in heaven.

Turns out, I did get to do a lot of writing. I worked for a boss who was also a mentor. She taught me how to be a professional writer. I got to do cool things like work with the photographer during shoots for the magazine cover. I also got to type the shipping labels for the products when it came time to return them to the manufacturers. One at a time. On a typewriter.

While I loved that job, it was hardly as glamorous as I thought it would be. You may find that about your dream job too.

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How To Connect With Your Target Employers


Interview_Bootcamp_2A slew of questions came in after a recent presentation on resume writing. Most of them were specifically related to the participant’s job search. But one stood out for its relevance to everyone who’s looking for a new opportunity.

The question was, “How do I get in front of the employer?”

Of course, the short answer is network your way in. But how?

Here are a few ways to connect with people at your target employer.


Today many companies have corporate Facebook pages. This is a place where you may be able to find job postings and maybe even connect with recruiters. Some companies have pages specifically to reach out to potential candidates. A review of Citibank’s Citi Jobs page found several positons and information about their presence at a career fair.

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