Where Recruiters Look First When Reviewing Your Resume

You probably already know that recruiters don’t spend much time reviewing each resume. Hiring managers don’t either. So by all accounts your need to get their attention fast.

The often referred to study done by The Ladders found recruiters reviewed resumes for 6 seconds before making a decision.

When I was recruiting I spent more than 6 seconds reviewing candidate resumes before making a decision whether or not to contact them for an interview. The recruiters I know spend more than 6 seconds too.

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The Biggest Resume Mistake You Don’t Realize You’re Making

breaches of trustThere are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles on resume do’s and don’ts.

Make sure there are no misspelled words or typos, Take out the Objective Statement. Put in a Summary Statement. Don’t forget to include complete contact information.

I’ve probably written over a dozen myself.

However, there is one resume mistake that many job seekers make without realizing. It’s one that can raise questions with a potential employer. People don’t write about it as often. Although it’s easy to avoid.

The resume mistake is inconsistency.

Your first introduction to 99% of recruiters and potential employers is either your resume or LinkedIn profile. If a recruiter sourcing you LinkedIn likes what he or she sees they will contact you and ask for your resume. If you send in a resume, an interested recruiter or potential employer will check out your LinkedIn profile.

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